Saturday, February 8, 2014

Turn mediocre pictures into a work of art!!

I love my iPhone.  Sometimes I download apps with very high hopes only to be completely disappointed.  Not this time!!!  I'm completely addicted.   I stumbled across one called WATERLOGUE and it's super cool.  I can't stop!  
This app takes random pics from your phone and turns it into a watercolor.  I haven't blown anything up yet but I'm gonna try....stay tuned.  
I haven't gone out searching to take beautiful photos...yet.  So these were all just in my phone and I think they are cool!!  
This is not a free app, but at the $2.99 price tag and rave reviews, I thought I would give it a shot.  

This is an old pic of backyard.....don't look at mess.  

Took this at random little boutique and I liked the sign, I took the picture so I could copy :)
Love the colors the watercolor picks up!

Super amazing lunch spot called the Farm at South Mountain.  Yum!!  And so cute!!  

Not sure what I'm going to do yet but I think I may start with these beauties....stay tuned for transformation!!

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