Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girly closet makeover

Challenge:  Make this little girl's closet functional and pretty!!  
I will post pics from the rest of the room update soon, it was already very cute but we needed to brighten it up a little bit for the big girl!!  
First task, sort out what you have.  Get separate bins if you need to.  Donate!!!  Have a bin to keep, toss or donate.  
Figure out storage needs.  We determined that we needed a mix of drawers, cubbies for shoes, shelves and baskets.  I also had my handyman build some shelves for that deep back corner that is a waste of space.  I had him build them extra deep and tall to accommodate different sizes of toys....doll houses, ponies, etc.  :)  
I love removing closet doors and adding curtains if possible because it gives you full use of the closet.  I love the clean look of the doors but sometimes function wins, in this case we get function and style!!  
The shelves were painted white and the back wall painted hot pink to match some of the other bright colors we brought into the room.  
We were on a set budget so I went with the stacking closet maid shelving system from target.  I did the cube shelf for shoes, some drawers with stacking shelves.  All of the large canvas bins came from Home Goods.  
I also did some bins up top for clothes that are too big, donations and misc.  
We moved dresses to the long side and utilized the entire upper shelf for a storage system.  

Closet Before 

Closet After 

I enjoyed this project so much!!  I love little girls rooms.  Stay tuned for the remainder of this room update, it's soooo cute!!  
And I'm sure I will be posting my own closet in the near future.....every time I organize for someone else, my storage space changes too.  :)  
I really love the pop of color in this closet, makes it look so finished.  

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