Friday, December 27, 2013

Let's start here

Here is a little about me. My name is Rachel. I love home decorating. I love bargain shopping....okay I love any kind of shopping. Even at Lowes. Okay, especially at Lowes. :) I never thought I was an artist growing up, I guess I was not given the outlet. But little by little it's all coming to the surface. I cannot draw worth a darn but I'm great with color, design, organizing and any kind of project. I just can't draw a good stick man. What's up with that?? I have learned so much from reading blogs and tutorials so hopefully maybe someday someone can learn something from me! I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog but I have been doing home decor/organizing on the side and I would like a place to share some successes and failures. I also love diy projects and have started to market some of my handmade goods as well. We shall see!! So....I will post some of my projects I've already done but don't have good tutorials...:( Sorry. Will do my best to try harder in the future. And hopefully I don't break any blogging rules out there. If I do, be a pal and let me know. This first post I'm pretty proud of....we couldn't afford to do the wood we wanted so I painted the concrete with a faux wood finish. It took FOREVER but turned out fantastic! The floor that is. We gutted the entire office/bikeshop months ago and of course it still isn't 100% finished. Hubby still has some 'piles' to take care of. Maybe someday I'll have a real after picture of this room.