Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Pantry

I love organizing and making someone else's pantry pretty.  I can do it all at once from start to finish.  I know some people think it's silly to spend time and effort on a place behind a closed door but think of how many times a day that door opens!  I want it to be pretty and functional!!
So mine is a constant work in progress, I always try to recycle and reuse containers and things but little by little I am buying matching containers and baskets.  I do not love plastic but I do still have some because they are functional.  I just added some washi tape and labels :)
I use quite a few of those wire rack shelf helpers to add extra shelf space.  Someday I will build wooden ones and paint them to match.


Next step is pulling everything back out and painting!  After spring break I am hoping to tackle that project.  For now, this is much more functional.  I keep the big costco containers of snacks tucked in back and just fill the glass containers as needed.  I feel like we are wasting much less food because everything is visible and not getting shoved to the back with a few crumbs left.  
We are almost free of the plastic rubbermaid containers in more trip to container store should do the trick!  :)  
Happy Organizing!!