Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bench makeover

The ugly table I bought for my breakfast nook transformation also came with a bench that I wasn't going to use in the kitchen but I do have a perfect spot outside by the front door.  I really hate sanding and priming so used Cece Caldwell chalk paint instead.  Make sure to clean surface well.  I used TSP to make sure to get all dirt and oil off surface.  One time I got a little gung ho on a kitchen chair and didn't wash good first and all the little oil spots came shining through, not a great look.  I used Seattle Mist on the top and Mississippi mud (discontinued but kind of light tan) on the bottom.  2 coats of each and then I followed with a water based Polycrylic.  

After 1 coat still a bit transparent
Now comes the fun part!!  I printed out a graphic I liked at graphics fairy and then sized it at block poster.  This site is so cool.  You can take any graphic and size it to letter sized paper and print it out, then just tape it all together!!  There are several different tutorials on ways to transfer on graphics fairy as well.  I like this method because I have all the supplies.  It is time consuming and your hand will kill when you are done but the result is awesome!!  
First print off your graphic, then trim the edges so the graphic meets seamlessly, then tape together.
Flip it over and take some chalk and rub it sideways all over the backside, make sure to cover everything you want to transfer.  Gently shake off excess chalk.  

Now flip it over and center it where you want it and tape down with painters tape.  
Take a ball point pen and trace anywhere you want to transfer.  I just do the outline and then hand paint with craft paint.  Press really hard.  This is what it looks like when you trace it. 

Now just paint inside the lines!  I just used a dark brown craft paint with a small brush.  I wanted mine a bit distressed so I put a coat of polycrylic over the top before I added glaze.  You have to seal chalk paint.  I didn't want to wax since it was going outside so that's why a chose a sealer.  Next I sanded it down a little just to distress the paint a bit.  Instead of glaze I used a dark walnut stain over the top, brushed it on and then wiped off excess.  I love how it gets in all the edges where I sanded.  Then just seal with outdoor sealer and Voila!  Isn't she a beauty??

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